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Brain Targeting Drug Delivery System (BDDSTM)

Our BDDS™ platform technology safely delivers a range of nucleic acid cargos, such as microRNA, siRNA, mRNA, and more, to all regions of the CNS. The proprietary platform, developed by BIORCHESTRA, fuses the core technologies of brain-targeted chemistry and RNA chemistry and is specifically formulated for IV administration.

BDDSTM Platform

Non-lipid nanoparticle carrier designed to efficiently and effectively deliver an API of choice, e.g., ASO, SSO, siRNA, mRNA, peptides, small proteins to all regions of the CNS

  • Ligand amendment of polymer chains allows for preferential distribution to organ/tissue of choice, while the carrier provides longer-term stability in circulation
  • Enabling convenient routes of administration: IV, others​
  • A favorable safety profile​


Our Nanomedicine in Action

1. IV Administration
2. BBB Penetration
3. Endocytosis within Brain Cells
4. Endosomal Escape
5. Target Engagement


Core Technologies

Blood-brain barrier crossing strategy

This platform targets a natural transporter for effective transcytosis of our drug-loaded nanoparticle carrier across the blood-brain barrier.

BIORCHESTRA-targeted transporter: Proprietary targeting leveraging our platform, so that drug-loaded nanoparticles cross the BBB and penetrate select cells through transporter-mediated transcytosis and endocytosis

Various RNA cargo encapsulation capabilities

The BDDS™ platform technology is a highly stable and safe brain delivery platform, enabling the encapsulation and delivery of various RNA drug cargos.

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