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Our Programs

The limitless  potential of innovative drug development based on the BDDS™ platform.

Our BDDS™ platform technology offers boundless potential for innovative genetic medicines by safely delivering a variety of genetic therapeutics to specific organs. Particularly renowned for its exceptional ability to target brain cells, the BDDS™ platform enables the development of treatments for brain disorders and rare central nervous system diseases.

Leveraging the scalability of the BDDS™ platform, we are building diverse pipelines through collaboration with partners.
This enables us to further advance the development of groundbreaking new drugs.

BDDS™ platform
Our focus area
Program Target Indication Drug Type Discovery Preclinical Clinical Collaboration
BMD-001 AD, ALS, and PD BDDSTM – ASO (miR-485-3p Antagomir)
BMD-002 Epilepsy BDDSTM – ASO (Undisclosed)
BMD-003 MAFLD / Obesity LNA – Gapmer (Undisclosed)
BIOK-001 Neuroinflammatory disease BDDSTM – Undisclosed
BIOK-007 Tauopathy BDDSTM – siRNA (Undisclosed)
BIOK-008 Synucleinopathy BDDSTM – siRNA
BDDSTM = Brain Targeting Drug Delivery System
AD = Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS = Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, PD = Parkinson Disease
MAFLD = Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease.  LNA-GAPMER = Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA)-Gapmer are a class of antisense molecules designed for sequence-specific silencing of RNA.

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