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Press Release

BIORCHESTRA Participated in Formulation and Delivery

By May 12, 2022May 26th, 2023No Comments

BIORCHESTRA is a leading RNA therapeutics company that develops novel RNA-based therapeutics and drug delivery systems for neurodegenerative diseases.

BBB penetration in vivo confocal microscopy clip

[BBB penetration in vivo confocal microscopy clip]

BIORCHESTRA CEO Branden(Jinhyeob) Ryu and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Louis O’Dea, participated in Formulation and Delivery hosted by Oxford Global from May 5th to 6th,  and presented on BIORCHESTRA’s BDDS Drug Delivery System and on the leading drug candidate, BMB-001. At the site, BIORCHESTRA had meetings with more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies, including both senior research scientists and business development leaders from large and small companies. A number of follow-up meetings will also now take place.

BDDS™, a proprietary non-lipid nanoparticle drug delivery system independently developed by BIORCHESTRA, synthesizes a specific carrier with a targeting ligand on its surface. Using the large amino acid transporter (LAT1) expressed in the brain blood barrier (BBB), BIORCHESTRA’s BDDS is selectively taken up by receptor-mediated transcytosis, thus effectively penetrating the blood-brain barrier. The LAT1 receptors are also expressed in astrocytes, microglia, and neurons, thus, BIORCHESTRAs BDDS also further ensures delivery to the cells actively involved in the disease processes.

Since BIORCHESTRA BDDS™ encapsulates nucleotide-based structures through ionic bonding, it is highly expandable to various RNA species such as ASO, siRNA and mRNA. The drugs loaded in BDDS™ are safely delivered to the cortex, deep brain and spinal cord, such as Striatum, Hippocampus, and Thalamus, making them suitable for a number of serious and untreated neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The broad potential, and efficacy in animal models of these diseases, is attracting the attention of global pharmaceutical companies developing central nervous system diseases therapeutics.