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Biorchestra “Discussing the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with Big Pharma for Alzheimer’s treatment”

By June 25, 2020May 26th, 2023No Comments

Biorchestra announced on the 25th that it has received a proposal for a material transfer agreement (MTA) related to Alzheimer’s treatment development from pharmaceutical companies in the United States and Japan at the 2020 Bio International Convention (Bio USA). The therapeutic candidate BMD-001 is being developed. miRNA is an RNA molecule composed of 20 to 24 nucleotides. It binds with messenger RNAs (mRNA) to help make proteins. Biorchestra has signed a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) with a global pharmaceutical company and is discussing out-licensing for BMD-001. BMD-001 not only removed misfolded protein pathologies, such as amyloid-beta (Aβ) and tau but also improved neuroinflammatory and neurorestoration processes as well as cognitive functions in the preliminary efficacy study. The drug delivery effect is also excellent.


According to the company’s side, BMD-001 has a brain blood barrier (BBB) penetration of 7%, which is better than general antibody drugs that have a BBB transmittance of only 0.1%. Another strong point is that it has a half-life of 80 to 90 minutes, so you can secure enough time to deliver the drug. The half-life of existing RNA-based treatments is around 5-20 minutes.


An official from Bio Orchestra said, “BMD-001 is a drug that can simultaneously reduce pathology and neuroinflammation caused by protein production.” “We plan to complete the preclinical phase in 1Q.2021.”