BIORCHESTRA receives Citation from the Korean Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy

  • A leader in creating jobs through the advancement of RNA-based therapeutics
  • A contributor to a high employment rate in Korea’s healthcare industry

BIORCHESTRA (“BIORCHESTRA” or the “Company”), a RNA therapeutics company with offices in Daejeon, South Korea, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and focused on neurodegenerative and rare genetic diseases, announced that the Company recently received a citation from the Korean Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy at the 2022 Bio Entrepreneur Day, recognizing its contribution to a high employment rate in Korea’s healthcare industry.

This award is granted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, with recommendations from Korea Bio and the Korean Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, to recognize companies that have made major contributions in 2022.

Dr. Branden Ryu, CEO and Founder of BIORCHESTRA, started the company with five scientists to expand on the work of his PhD thesis and identify novel pathways in neurodegeneration.  Having identified such a novel pathway and validating it in mice and higher animal models, the Company has developed a drug to address this pathway and has further developed an encapsulating and targeting delivery formulation to ensure its delivery to the central nervous system (CNS). Delivered in this manner, BIORCHESTRA’s lead compound has been shown to reverse the phenotypic and cognitive manifestations of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in relevant rodent and non-human primate models.

BIORCHESTRA is now a company of over 100 people based in Daejeon and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is expanding beyond its lead compound to deliver drugs to the CNS for a variety of rare and neurodegenerative diseases. The Company has established relationships with a number of large and international pharmaceutical companies and, to support its internal and collaborative needs, has opened a research and development and manufacturing facility close to its headquarters in Daejeon.

Dr. Ryu affirmed, “BIORCHESTRA is developing innovative therapeutics that can go beyond the limits of already existing treatments, with disease-modifying benefits, by targeting the disease pathway itself early on rather than tackling its devastating pathophysiological damages. I believe we have validated our novel approach of attacking disease upstream of its manifestations. In developing this approach, we are expanding the use of our delivery technology to target other unaddressed diseases and partner with other companies who share our sense of urgency to address the needs of patients with neurodegerative and rare CNS diseases. On our own, and with partners, we are focused on changing the life trajectory of patients of all ages with these diseases.”