Company contact details

Biochestra Co., Ltd. CEO: Branden, JH, RYU Business Registration No. 276-88-00551

#116/216, BioVenture Center, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology 125, Gwahak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Korea

TEL : 042-863-1013 E-mail :


A copy of our complete GDPR Policy Set can be requested using the contact details mentioned above.

The purposes of the processing and legal basis

  • Biorchestra are a biomedical research company exploring the research and development of Alzheimer’s disease cures. The company is funded by R&D support and does not offer a business to business, or business to customer service.
  • The company holds special data of its research subjects for research and development purposes only and does not promote the company through channels of marketing or advertising other than the webfacing URL

Data Protection Objectives

  • Necessary processing tasks are reviewed every month. System updates and processes are reflected within the full GDPR policy as data sets, also available upon request using the contact details on the main page.
  • Management access levels are unanimous for internal staff operating and supervising the support functions for research and development only.
  • GDPR metrics have been recently implemented, and Biorchestra has been provided a monitoring framework to revise privacy and quality control to conform with the EU regulation from 25th May 2018.
  • Password policies the standard strong password procedure and data is kept within the biomedical premises.


  • Collection of data is on service appointment only and not used for marketing.


  • Advertising of services is supported on the public-facing company domain only and Biorchestra do not use third party advertising services.

SARs (Subject Access Requests)

  • Subjects have the right to obtain data that the company hold on them at any point which can be obtained from the contact information at the top of this document.
  • Data portability is provided in a range of formats, via the online portal, emailed and encrypted PDF, or a one-time pad link to enable security.
  • Data can be provided in the form of writing or via telephone conversation.
  • Data can be withdrawn at any point from the storage by means of service termination, but will remain in archive for the legal duration of six years for employees, and anonymised statics for R&D subjects; for which there is no personal identification.
  • The right to complain must in the first instance be through support offered via contact page or email directly to
  • If this cannot be resolved, the subject may escalate to the managing director noted as the responsible person at the top of this policy.
  • Following unresolved dispute from this point, please refer to the terms and conditions included at the footer of the main website to proceed with legal escalation.
  • The right to restrict processing can be made with immediate effect any any point of your choosing.
  • The right to rectification can be made with immediate effect following the discovery of any inaccurate information we hold.
  • This rectification may only be permitted by the subject themselves.
  • SARs are logged on request.