Our opportunity

We are at the starting line waiting for a long journey set before us.

We have been recognized for making many great achievements and discovered countless possibilities, but it is just the beginning for the corporate vision that we are thinking of.


We develops RNA-based therapeutics for a wide range of diseases and conditions.

In particular, therapeutics for CNS-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease, have been developed.

We are orchestrating our expertise for better health.

Please excuse us while we change.


Why RNA-based therapeutics?

Proteins are crucial molecules in our cells and are required by all living organisms. The interaction between microRNA and messenger RNA (mRNA) produces a transient set of information for the cells to use to express a protein from information coded in the DNA.


BIORCHESTRA is developing RNA-based medicines that regulate mRNA and microRNA

and a transporter that can effectively and safely deliver them to the cytoplasm.


Our Vision

For humanity and my family

There are many people around us working hard in research to find treatments as well as people suffering from incurable diseases.


Unfortunately, the only thing that family members of those who have incurable diseases can do is praying for a miracle. Some people search for the miracle through food they eat, good natural environments, exercise, or even religion. They wish that drugs and medical technologies will progress for treatments, but they do not have time, making them

feel even more desperate. The biggest reason why we develop new drugs for treating incurable diseases is because this can achieve progress for humanity as explained above.


Such progress of humanity is ultimately something that can benefit your most loved ones. We are taking a step into the unknown area that nobody has ever trekked. This is for all of humanity and the people dearest to us.


This is why we are so passionate.


We develop RNA-based therapeutics that regulate the

interaction between micro RNA and messenger RNA.